Currently backstage doing waiting to perform an amazing group tap dance number at The Nate Holden Theatre in Los Angeles. Show is Saturday too! I think it's best to share a LOT of tap dancers with you all. Links will be provided. These people shaped me into the dancer I am. No order or best or influences. Just great dancers. #eachoneteachone #tap
  1. Jimmy slyde
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  2. Sammy Davis Jr
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  3. Peg Leg Bates
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    Yes, he has one leg. That's one real human leg. Danced better than some two legged dancers too.
  4. Gregory Hines
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    He is the prince of the City.
  5. Savion Glover
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    The boy genius turned 90's savior of tap.
  6. Sandman Simms
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    A sand dancer. Watch and learn.
  7. Chuck Green
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    Educated feet. Close to the ground.
  8. Arthur Duncan
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    Still doing it till this day. THE performers performer.
  9. Vera Ellen
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    Elegant and poppy!
  10. The Nicholas Brothers
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    Class and flash and bit of dash.
  11. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers
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    They did ten movies together and each seemed like they danced for the first time.
  12. Gene Kelly
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    The tap dancing American at his best.
  13. Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins
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  14. Tommy Tune
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    Tall and looooooong legs.
  15. LaVaughn Robinson
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    My tap teacher in philly when I was starting out
  16. Shirley Temple
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    The cutie pie.
  17. Eddie Brown
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  18. Buster Brown
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  19. Lynn Dally
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    Practice practice practice.
  20. Tip Tap Toe
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  21. Ann Miller
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    Turns and turns and turns.
  22. Leon Collins
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    Danced, then Didn't dance for yeeeeears then came back outta nowhere! KILLIN em.
  23. The Condos Brothers
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  24. Harold Cromer
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  25. Paul Draper
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    Mixed ballet with tap.
  26. Henry LeTang
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    The teacher of the Hines Brothers
  27. The Syncopated Ladies
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    My friends are so talented and beautiful!
  28. Bill Robinson
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    Mayor of Harlem.
  29. Baby Lawrence
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    Music from his feet.
  30. John Bubbles
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    Possibly the greatest tap dancer ever.
  31. Jeni LeGon
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    Beyond her time. Stunning and talented
  32. Jason Samules Smith
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    The duke of tap for me. Heavy sounds and fast feet. Rhythms that tell a story.
  33. Michelle Dorrance
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    Wicked smart feet! Tours around the country with her team of tappers!
  34. Ayodele Casel
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    HUGHE crush on this lady in the '00's! So fresh wit hers
  35. Eleanor Powell#
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    Again, sexy and powerful
  36. Dormeshia Edwards
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    She also is possibly one of the greatest tap dancers of all time. And her husband is no joke too.
  37. Diane Walker
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    A teacher and wonderful dancer and auntie to all teachers that she knows.
  38. Bunny Briggs
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    A provocative entertainer of positivity. a baby face and a mind like a steel trap
  39. Donald Oconnor
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    The silly ones always have the most fun.
  40. Johnnie Hobbs
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