My mom doesn't trust the internet so, no photos of her. Except for 1.
  1. She gave birth to a human being.
  2. The only job my mom has ever had was as a professional dancer/dance teacher.
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  3. She maybe a low-key genius.
    She was at a teachers conference. She spoke about teaching. A doctor, who wrote a book on teaching was supposed to speak after my mom. He said "I have nothing to speak about because Mrs. Hobbs has literally talked about everything thats in my book."
  4. She accepts her flaws and tries to work on them.
  5. She can iron the shit out of a shrunk shirt and stretch it out.
  6. Her baked cookies are AMAZING
  7. Star Trek Fan.
  8. Comic book nerd
    Partial to Marvel Comics. I used to go to the comic book store with my mom and then talk about the comics with her.