These are all for real things I wanna do before I die. For reals. #legit
  1. Tap dance with #TheRootsBand while they play dope music on stage
  2. Go to London
  3. Play a song on the piano really really well!
  4. Meet #SidneyPoitier
  5. Eat baked cookies with my #Mother #WhoopiGoldberg and #Oprah in a living on really tacky furniture talking about #Politics #dontask
  6. Straight up SAVE SOMEONES LIFE
  7. Make and direct one of the greatest dance movies ever made!
  8. Really understand and embrace the Jewish Culture
  9. Bungee Jump
  10. Skydive
  11. Go to Africa and perform
  12. Tell everyone that I hurt "I'm sorry" and really mean it.
  13. Have a 30 min orgasm like a pig does. I read that somewhere and thought that'd be interesting to feel. Might get bored after 2 mins though but IDK...I'm not a pig
  14. Have God forgive me of my sins.
  15. Make my parents really proud of me.
  16. Touch the sun. Literally touch it. (I promise I'm not high...right now)
  17. Play basketball with my best friend.
  18. Find out why dogs REALLY bark at black people/Talk to a dog.
  19. Smoke weed. I've never done that.
  20. Look into the future with my Primer machine and see if we'll all be the same color in 3026.
  21. Not be in pain.