1. Jurassic Park
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    My parents wouldn't allow me to see the movie until I read the book. And I thanked them for that. The book is waaaay better than the movie and the movie is AWESOME!!!
  2. X-Men Alpha
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    Age of Apocalypse. Words can't describe the feeling I had seeing this for the first time. It was a different kinda X-Men. This first issue and the rest to come was the first time i actually read the issues and not only look at the pictures. It was a wonderful several months. And I wrote my first script based off of this series.
  3. 101 Ways to Have Sex
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    I'm a boy. Duh!
  4. Playboy
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    Farrah Fawcett Cover Issue. First time I stole something were pictures from this issue at a BARNES & NOBLES. Then my parents caught me looking at them the next morning. Shame.
  5. In Black and White
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    The Sammy Davis Jr Story. I learned to live Sammy Davis. Flaws and all. He became the greatest entertainer to me because of this book. What a life. If you have the time...read it. He was so much more than a the singing black guy beside Sinatra.