When I was 13 years old I wrote an X-men trilogy (Age of Apocalypse series) and sent my cast list to Mr. Spielberg. I flunked Algebra and barley passed my English class for those three scripts. My cast was so much MORE dopestastic than the movies they make now. Some of these are so obvious but this movie would've cost BILLIONS.
  1. Professor X - Partick Stewart
  2. Magneto - Dolph Lundgren
  3. Wolverine - Mel Gibson
    You know I'm right!!!! With a potential voice dubbing by Clint Eastwood. This detail was in the typed list I sent him.
  4. Storm - Angela Bassett
  5. Morph - Jim Carrey
    This movie would've been amazing.
  6. Jean Grey - Julia Roberts
    The price tag is rising.
  7. Bishop - Wesley Snipes
  8. Cyclops - Kurt Russell
  9. Blink - Sandra Bullock
  10. Rouge - Holly Hunter
  11. Creed/Sabertooth - Arnie
  12. Wild Child - River Phoniex
  13. Angel - James Spader
  14. Beast - Bobcat Goldwaith
  15. Apocalypse - CGI/anima
    V.O. By.... Who else James Earl Jones