If Nic Cage isn't good in a movie, sure it's his fault to some degree because he and his camp picked it, BUT I blame the direction he is given. These movies played well to his crazy, calm then erupting spastic ways. And kudos to the directors who knew how to contain his talents. @Hadlock inspired
  1. Matchstick Men by Ridley Scott
    An OCD Cage is great! Let him run crazy and then keep it simple and tight in between.
  2. Con Air by directed by Simon West
    At the height of his awesomeness i.e. Before the IRS attacked his balls. Stoic. Contained. NOT CRAZY WICKER MAN CAGE
  3. Face Off directed by John Woo
    Crazy Cage but for good reason. The character was crazy. Good fit.
  4. Leaving Las Vegas directed by Mike Friggis
  5. Guarding Tess directed by Hugh Wilson
    Again, contained. Simple. Stoic and then angry when the character needs to be.
  6. Adaptation directed by Spike Jonze
    Crazy again. On purpose.
  7. Raising Arizona directed by The Coen Brothers
    It's the Coen man. They could directed Trump to the White House if they wanted to.
  8. The Rock directed by Michael Bay (LOL)
    Stoic again.
  9. Kick Ass directed by Matt Vaughn
    Stoic and crazy Cage. The character is clearly insane so let's bring in the Cage.
  10. National Treasure directed by Jon Turtlertalub
    Collected Cage.