I so wanted to go but...
  1. I teach 3 hours of beginning to advanced tap dancing 3 hours straight with no break. I'm fucking exhausted. This is not a lie. This is true. I actually teach tap dancing for a living. #askaboutme
    At Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood
  2. Netflix, my couch and food where calling my name
    "Narcos" and "White God"
  3. I live in LA... We all flake sometimes.
    All the time.
  4. I live in the valley dude.
  5. I feared I wouldn't live up to my amazing and trending/featured lists!!!
    Excuse my Grandiose sense of self
  6. I was robbing a bank at the time
  7. I'd rather get to know people through their list. It's a connection that goes deeper than face to face.
    Bullshit. I just flaked and I'm fucking tired.
  8. I'll be at the next one!
    Lies by me. But really, I'll try. And thank you @mandi and @Nicholas for setting it up. I hope it was a blast!!!!