In order
  1. Snow shoveler
    East coast life. Made so extra money movies and clothes when I was a kid. Sometimes I'll still go back home and shovel for random people to make a few bucks. Always good to help and stay active.
  2. Video store employee
    TLA Video in Philadelphia. My local movie spot. The job interview was simple. "What's your favorite movie Johnnie?" I was hired. Met a LOOOOT of weirdos, assholes and freaks. But had a blast and saw a shit ton of movies.
  3. Data input person
    I worked for my cousin who handled money for the city. I would input small and large amounts of money. I was shocked by the amounts and he'd say "It's all relative. You never really know somebodies money situation, no matter how much you input on the screen." Good lesson.
  4. Telemarketer
    I had this job for 3 hours. I quit once a 15 year old picked up and said "How'd you get my cell number?"
  5. Olive Garden Waiter
  6. Apple Inc
    2 stores & 5 years deep in Appledom.
  7. Behavior Therapist
    I helped kids with autism while they were in school. I taught a 9 year old kid he's ABC's! :-) Fulfilling.
  8. Web ad stress tester
    Sat in a room with 5 other guys and looked at a screen for 12 hours 5 days a week. Fun.
  9. Furniture mover
    I quit. People are so mean to blue collar workers for NO reason.