While these terms mean no harm. They do my ears much damage.
  1. Start-Up
    I know it's a real term and it's a positive thing. But it's something about the term that always sounds fake and not real when I hear it. Possibly become it's actually starting up. I think also a lot of people use this term and don't actually start shit up. At all!
  2. Baby Bump
    This term sounds like something out of an Alien movie. Calling it a bump sounds like you're waiting for the pimple to pop.
  3. A Reveal Party
    A party to "reveal" the sex of the baby to the world. It's a thing on Pinterest. This sounds like a stupid waste of time and money. All will be revealed when the baby comes out of your "bump". Until then...I can wait.
  4. Man Cave
    I'm not a dumb ape. The rest of the world couldn't possibly like what you like, so let's put it in a cave. I made this "cave" to get away from you. It's a sanctuary of serenity. I like what they use to be called. Rooms.
  5. Twitter Beef
    An oxymoron if I've ever heard one. Real beef is with fists not thumbs. Getting a cramp while typing 40 charactes about someone you don't like doesn't make you hard. It makes you arthritic.