I was on SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO when I was 17. It was fun. Shout outs to @ChrisK and @bjnovak for wanting to know more and making a suggested list. Fun to remember this.
  1. I was is a looooong time in the cold of December in Philly to audition. I was 17 years old
    It was the first and only time I helped out a rap cypher. It was amazing. A small circle. Big energy.
  3. My mom thought I should tap dance to this song...
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  4. I danced to this....
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    Mary Mary http://bit.ly/1JmxO24 I picked this song because the Apollo audience is notorious for not booing kids, special needs people, white people with amazing voices and... Gospel songs
  5. The stage at the Apollo is very very slippery and very small.
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    It might look bigger on tv but thaaaaat shit was small.
  6. I wore an IceBerg t shirt
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    Close enough
  7. I was very very very skinny at 17 years old.
  8. I almost slipped and fell on that stage tap dancing.
  9. I did a split during my tap number.
    I don't do dem no mo. #OldHead
  10. The audience started to chant, "GO PHILLY, GO PHILLY!!!"
  11. The Apollo balcony is a high incline. You look straight up!
  12. The house band, Ray Chew and the Crew are an AMAZING BAND!
  13. I lost to a pretty white girl with a voice like Mariah Carey.
  14. I had fun!
  15. My parents and I went to a Harlem Soul food restaurant after.
  16. The producer of the Apollo at the time liked me so much she hired me to do another show in NYC. That was fun too.