"How did they let this happen?" - friend watching the credits of a really really bad movie. Share others below please.
  1. Jupiter Ascending
    Who lost a bet? http://imdb.to/1GLq8jE
  2. Lucy
    They made this movie in exchange for kidnapped South American children. THIS is the only good reason for this film. http://imdb.to/1IrWyah
  3. Red Hook Summer
    My how the mighty one fall. http://imdb.to/1HOGbBf
  4. Death Wish 5
    This movie shit alllllll over the franchise. Bronson clearly did the shitting. http://imdb.to/1CVgpgb
  5. Being Human
  6. In Time
    Some movies should just be buried like the ET Atari game. http://imdb.to/1In6LTw