Because there WILL be a Part 2
  1. Dogs bark at me but nobody else. Everyone else in the room is white and unfamiliar with the dog too.
    Don't give your dog an excuse. It's not blind. It's not getting "use to me". Your dog hates me because I'm different. I'm black. Period.
  2. At a supermarket. I go to aisle 7. Loud speaker says, "Clean up on aisle 7." Security shows up.
    For me? You shouldn't have.
  3. I've ONLY been helped by black tellers at the new Bank of America video/webcam ATM stations
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    There must be an algorithm. I've been SEVERAL TIMES!
  4. House party has been playing alternative music. DJay spots me. Next song played is Biggie and the DJay gives me "the Nod" and a smirk.
    I didn't ask for this life. It was given.
  5. "You don't play basketball Johnnie?...hmph."
    Should I play because I'm ... "tall"?