Inspired by @Hadlock
  1. This is like watching the titanic sink
  2. I feel bad for Vince Vaughn
  3. How could HBO let this happen?
  4. Can Vince Vaughn headbutt someone again?
  5. What porn clip am I gonna watch after this?
  6. I could just wait for the season 2 Wikipedia page to be complete so I can read the summaries.
  7. I should've watched "Ballers" first.
  8. Colin Farrell's hair is so thick
  9. This is not a good role for Taylor Kitsch/ Taylor Kitsch can't act/ Taylor Kitsch was poorly directed.
  10. That red headed kid is faaaaAaat.
  11. It's not the actors fault.
  12. This episode been on for ONLY 20 MINS!?!!!!!! Gaaaaaawd!!!
  13. The anticipation is always better than the actual outcome
  14. Season 3 is gonna be AMAZING!!!
  15. The helicopter pilots are getting paid!!!
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  16. "Gave my heart blue balls."
    Suggested by @JonDA