The title says it. #music #whitepeople #blackpeople #songs #barsongs
  1. Philadelphia Freedom by #EltonJohn
    I hear this song and my Philly pride has to show. That drum beat in the back, the guitar. My lips tucks under my teeth and my shoulder starts pumpin'. I can't stop it. The whiteness overcomes me.
  2. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by #TheBeatles
    Who doesn't wanna sing nonsense words once in a while on trippin' LSD? White people are free! And when I here this song...for a am I. So. Am. I. Let's all get in a big circle and sing this song like we don't care if rents due tomorrow!
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody by #Queen
    Over time, this song creeped into my black soul and made love to it. At first I thought this song was weird and stupid. But after a couple shots with a cute girl named Cathy...this song has merit! The nuances, the storytelling is amazing! It's pretty much a theatre piece.
  4. I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by #Aerosmith
    If you grew up in the 90's this song was the shit. And EVERY CUTE GIRL LOVED THAT YOU KNEW IT. So yea, I loved it cuz I liked titties.
  5. Don't Stop Believing by #Journey
    I can feel the melanin in my body slowly departing from my body every time I hear this song. It's an unstoppable force of whiteness. Even TRICK DADDY puts this shit on repeat!
  6. American Pie by #DonMcLean
    My ex girlfriend in high school swore up and down that I didn't really know this song. I swore to her I did and LOVED the song. We broke up. She didn't wanna date a liar.
  7. This Love by #MaroonFive
    Give me my 2002 H&M bellbottoms, tight ass thermal shirt and tan scully. This was 2002. Proud.
  8. Anything by #HansZimmer
  9. I Like Big Butts by #SirMixalot
    Song was written by a black man but white people, let tell you something... Yall have taken this song and claimed as your own. Every word? Known! WITH choreography WHILE drinking. That takes talent.
  10. Mr. Blue Sky by #ELO
    Fist pump. Fist. Pump #FistPump