These 12 events I find absolutely riveting. Any chance I can to learn more about these events I do. The human condition is something fierce. Feel free to add yours. (Spelling mistakes)
  1. Jonestown
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    Nov 18 1978 Hundreds of people committed suicide/murdered following Jim Jones leadership in Ghana. This was supposed to be a place of peace. Jim Jones was an awfully sick and twisted man. What was going on in his head? What about the people? Documents are out about this and I've seen them all but still amazes and saddens me.
  2. Heaven's Gate
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    Mass suicides are sort of an enigma to me. A part of me understands but a part of me doesn't. And maybe I'm not supposed to get it. The people of Heaven's Gate rented out a mansion and their "last supper" was at a Marie Callendar's. They wore matching outfits and exact change in their pockets. They wanted to depart from this world before it was "recycled".
  3. Waco, Texas/David Koresh
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    Another tragic moment. I remember being young when this happened. The amount of power a person can have over another is a sonofabitch! The FBI tried to "smoke them out". That didn't end so well.
  4. OJ/The White Bronco Car Chase
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    Looking back at this with older eyes THIS WAS CRAZY!!! An NFL star was literally going to shot himself in his car on a LA freeway, the rest is history.
  5. Josef Fritzl kidnapping
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    This one is tricky to explain. Look them up.
  6. Psychopaths leaving manifestos
    These people are so bent on destruction they actually write out a small novel! 100 pages here, 200 pages there. That's commitment. Imagine what they could've done with a positive turn.
  7. Nazis/Hilter
  8. Ann Coulter
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    I believe she's a cancer sore on America's body. I wonder if she really believes the things she says. Or if she just say things to get people upset. Either way it's not a good way to be remembered when she dies. She'll most likely be remembered as a hateful person (or whoever rights the history books)
  9. JFK assassination theories
  10. The hideous failure of the "John Carter" movie
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    So sad. I don't know why I get so sad about this movie. On paper this movie should've worked.
  11. Whatever destroyed the dinosaurs/ice age
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  12. New information about the murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac that's dished out once a year.
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  13. Anything about Ted Bundy
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    Freaky. I think I'm mainly so interested in him because he was so opaque about it. Not your usual serial killer profile. I once read his entire Wikipedia article start to finish. Took me like, 3 hours.
    Suggested by @sky
  14. That part of the deep web where people have cannibal fetishes and consent to eating each other and stuff
    It's so creepy, but I can't stop thinking about it.
    Suggested by @olive