I used to see these things and remark about how crazy/ridiculous they were.... But now I don't even notice anymore
  1. People having their headshots taken on the side of the road.
    See this once a week, easy.
  2. People who actually hold the cell phone up to their face/ear and talk while driving.
    You can hold hot plastic on your cheek, with one hand steering, while risking a $385 fine..... OR just hit speakerphone.
  3. Pot dispensaries with valet service.
    Seems so out of place for so many reasons.
  4. That video game commercial where Kate Upton is screaming a battle cry while charging into war on a horse
    She looks serious, and the game looks serious - it would seem they are being serious. Baffling.
  5. Vacuum repair shops.
    Honestly can't believe a company can get by strictly on local vaccuum failure. How is this sustainable? I could understand if there was ONE vaccuum repair guy in LA. Sure. He could probably pull it. But hundreds of vaccuum repair guys? C'mon.
  6. No kid has ever landed a skateboarding trick
    Not when I'm watching