My computer desktop looks awful - years of half-finished projects and ideas that seemed fantastic while on beer
  1. "Marfa" (no file extension). Won't open. No comment on the icon.
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    Way to name a file, asshole. I tried to do "quick view" but it won't show me anything….Giving up on this one.
  3. hAPWiNC.gif
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    Based on the icon, it looks like that spray-tan dude from Ancient Aliens who is ratshit crazy. Glad I saved this one. 😒
  4. Inside of the "aron" folder is a single image... "aron.png"
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    So this idea wanted to facilitate multiple files (hence a folder)... But it's just one fucking image. I hate myself now, but I'm also sorta secretly pumped because, look at aron
  5. Raùl McCartney.rtfd
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    This should be good.