1. When I wash my face and water runs down my arm
  2. When someone shows me a video on their computer, and they leave the mouse pointer/arrow resting INSIDE of the video player
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  3. The British spelling of "tyre"
  4. People holding the door for me when I'm 55 feet away, prompting me to do the awkward fast walk run.
  5. “Mac Updates Available:"
    ▫️Try in an hour ▫️Try Tonight ▫️Remind Me Tomorrow ▫️Please God Just Let Me Live My Life
  6. The Happy Birthday Song for People Over 12
    This part of the celebration is awkward for ALL and desperately needs a re-think. Want a piece of my cake? Everyone has to freestyle rap for a slice. Instantly more fun.
  7. The technical error in your big presentation.
    "Oh, um, the video links here aren't working, um, hmm.... Let me just (*click click click click*) please bear with me, computers and I DO NOT get along..."
  8. Touching paper when my hands are too dry
  9. French manicure finger/toenail paint
    That's just a white strip of paint. Nobody believes it is the underside of your gross finger (or *barf* toe) nail just shining in bold transparency. Why are we even talking about this? Why did you try to fake us into thinking your toenail tip was super clear? What's wrong with you?
  10. iPhone screenshots that have a low battery %
  11. Immaculate wall TV set ups, but with a single dangly cord
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  12. The British spelling of "defence"
    Suggested by @karen
  13. When Taylor Swift lustily describes herself from her lover's POV as a girl in "a tight little skirt" in her jam "Style."
    I don't think anyone should use that phrase to describe a person, least of all themselves. I give it a visceral NUH-UH.
    Suggested by @Kellendria