1. 1. That still only count as one. I Still contend to legolas' perspective.
  2. 2. Balrog opening scene in the two towers. You shall not pass, wait I'm not finished with you!!
  3. 3. Gollum's death, such a likable maniac if you ask me.
  4. 4. Gandalf beating up lord Denethore, he had it coming people.
  5. 5. Not the Beard!! I'm never letting that happen again so.....
  6. 6. ...toss me, but don't tell the elf.
  7. 7. So nice and cool, so juicy sweet.
  8. 8. Isengard unleashed. Bum bum ba ba ba bum!!!
  9. 9. Troll scene. This is how tongue piercings have come to.
  10. 10. He was twitching, that's because my ax is imbedded in his netbooks system.