@arimelber if you guys only have a week, I'd fly to the first island & fly home from the last one; skip the long boat ride in/out of Athens.
  1. Santorini --> Folegandros
    Fly to Santorini and take a boat to Folegandros. Maybe stay a night in Santorini to recover, plus it's stunning. Cliffs, different colored sand beaches, sunsets out of Life of Pi. But also a cruise ship port, so, you know. Folegandros is the opposite: desolate, barely developed. A smattering of villages and wonderfully spare beaches. Pretty much couples and families only; no bros or beer bongs here.
  2. Amorgos
    Beautiful, remote, quiet. Where they filmed The Big Blue.
  3. [Paros - if you extend your stay.]
    99 problems but a beach ain't one.
  4. Mykonos
    Bustling, touristy, euro in the best way and epic all-day / all-night dance parties on the beach. Has an airport so you can fly home from here.
  5. OR, reverse the order above if you want to start with the party and go more and more chill through the week.