1. Linen sheets
    Something about their rough texture makes for the most comfortable sleep ever. Ruined regular sheets for me.
  2. Ommwriter
    Turns your cluttered laptop environment into a simple, clean, minimalist writing interface. Optional audio designed to help you focus.
  3. Aperol spritz
    Light refreshing aperativo popular in northern Italy. I'm not going to say this is the manliest of drinks, except in the sense of being manly enough to have confidence in your drink order whatever people might say.
  4. Feldenkrais
    A technique originally developed to help kids with CP. Gentle subtle movements that reorient the nervous system and, for me at least, can create deeper relaxation and more profound serenity than the best massage. 2 types: a class with other people where you do the work; or a one-on-one session where you lie on a table and the practitioner moves you. I recommend starting with the one-on-one ("functional integration ").
  5. Bose noise-reduction headphones
    Like wrapping yourself in an aural blanket. Critical if you work at home (but aren't alone) or in an open-floor office. Instantly makes flying more pleasant.
  6. Trays
    So much more civilized (and easier) than balancing things precariously on the couch cushions. I suspect I'm the only person who 'discovered' this as an adult but if you haven't tried them yet, prepare to have your mind blown.
  7. IPhone / iPad / Macbook "invert colors" function
    The only way to look at your screen at night. So much easier on the eyes...except not meant for pictures.** Make it your triple-click shortcut under the Accessibility menu so you can toggle back and forth easily. [**FN - if you look at the picture of The Dress from the wedding (the one everyone sees as blue/black, not the original pic from the store that brought this nation to its knees) and then invert colors, it flips from blue/black to white/gold. WHAAAT?!]
  8. Standing desk
    Even better, a sit/stand desk so you can occasionally take a load off. Keeps your blood flowing; you stay alert longer; I *think* you focus more but that could be a placebo; and you burn calories to boot.