I know there's an email address for this, but I want to see everyone else's ideas too. cc @dev @bjnovak @sophia
  1. A way to see all your own comments on other people's lists, with links to those lists.
    I often want to go back and see who else added comments to a list or if a list was updated, but my memory is crap so I end up in a misguided search wormhole trying (and failing) to find someone's list from 2 months ago.
  2. A separate extra-special "favorite" tag to save/collect lists you want to go back to easily.
    There are hundreds (thousands?) of amazing lists and I want to show my love and star them all...but then there are certain ones I want to go back to for reference (eg best recent fiction, bars in LA...). Sifting through all the lists I've starred is already impractical; relisting has a slightly different purpose, I think; and searching globally requires a functioning and reliable memory which I don't have.
  3. For lists with photos, tap once on a pic & then swipe left/right through list items like a sideshow. Or swiping up/down is maybe more on-brand for listapp.
    Instead of having to tap twice on each item to enlarge the pics one at a time.
  4. Audiobook-style voiceover, so you can listen to lists in the car!
    I mean, what, 70% of us are in LA? The iPhone has a global version of this functionality but it doesn't work on ListApp because tect-selection is disabled.
  5. Tap on someone's avatar to see it full size.
    Half of them are "wtf is that?" but maybe that's on purpose because it's a charming aspect of the listapp experience.
  6. Reverse numbered list option.
    Someone else suggested this somewhere, not to take credit for the idea.
  7. Scroll down through the "ACTIVITY" list to see older items.
  8. Once we're out of beta: Export your lists in word or email format. Same for other people's lists but only if it's with their permission.
    Ideally at the list level, so e.g. you could default to no exporting by others but then allow a particular list to be exported.
  9. Desktop/laptop version of the app.
  10. Landscape mode