Would love to hear yours. We are not alone.
  1. Home Stim machine
    Bought from one of those temporary outdoor booths at Century City mall. No returns!
  2. Burnt orange leather shoes from a sample sale.
    No exchanges no returns!
  3. Tequila shots
    Always always the worst idea.
  4. Lap dance
    Not proud. Although to be fair, socioeconomically it's a complex issue.
  5. Anything from the minibar.
    Um, who the fuck bought $27 mixed nuts? Oh wait nm.
  6. Bangs. (The kind on your head.)
    Suggested by @zoe
  7. A second pair of the same shoes 😐
    Suggested by @jamie
  8. Reupolstering ourchairs for way too much money but so worth it, right?
    Suggested by @lexzie