1. Dr. Mario
    Tetris with a twist! Probably the most addicting game for me. SO MUCH STRATEGY!
  2. Golden Eye
    Fun for the whole family!
  3. Ms. PACMAN
    A classic! One time I was in a Ms. PACMAN tournament in Chicago. Although I lost, I made it to the finals!
  4. Kid Chameleon
    I bought a SEGA solely for this game. 100+ levels! Different helmets give you different powers. There's a cute Jason Vorhees helmet too!
  5. X-MEN the arcade game
    This game was beyond its time! Play with a bunch of your pals at the same time. Swap characters to test their mutant powers! Worth every quarter!
  6. Super Mario Bros 3
    The mother of all Marios! My favorite level was always level 4, BIG LAND! This blew my mind as a boy with sticky strawberry fruit roll-up'd fingers.
  7. Castlevania
  8. Bubble Bobble
    100+ levels! Blow bubbles with your Dino friend and get weird! Goodluck getting this song out of your head!
  9. Ducktales
    Explore different worlds! Find treasure as Scrooge McDuck! Use your cane as a pogo stick & baseball bat as you bash bad guys to smithereens!
  10. Turtles In Time
    My favorite of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. Donatello was the best with his weapon reach! Throwing bad guys into the screen rules!
  11. Ghosts 'n' Goblins
    Next to Battletoads, this game is more difficult than asking a popular girl out to a semi formal.
  12. Marvel VS. Capcom
    How do those kids know those moves?! At Little Stevie's Pizza on Boylston St in Boston, the same kids always destroyed people in seconds!