Reincarnation is trippy as fuck
  1. Bald eagle: I wanna be a bald eagle so bad. They fuck anything and everything up in their territory. Not to mention they bleed red white & blue. We also share the same resting facial expression. 'Merica
  2. Great White Shark: who doesn't want to be a great white shark? You can buck the fuck up to anything in the ocean and they won't do shit. You can eat whatever you want without worrying about how many calories are in the fish ca#use you can swim it off
  3. Lion: they are the king of the fucking jungle. You don't breathe without the lions permission. Oh you wanna come on my territory and mess with simba? I'll literally rip your head off mother fucker. You can't mess with these SOB's. Total badasses
  4. Alligator: these are some sneaky bastards. One second it's incognito the next BAM your gator food boy. Unlike the shark, the gator can go on land to find food or go to your backyard and eat you and your cat. Total savages
  5. Mongoose: mongooses are so badass. Mongooses hunt snakes and you'd think would be a snake victory 100% of the time, but you couldn't be more wrong. Search on YouTube mongoose v snake & you'll see some badass videos. The mongoose motto is fuck snakes.
  6. Hippopotamus: hippos just do not give a fuck. These things are walking killing machines that will fuck anything up in its path. The hippo & I share a lot of the same traits. We hate humanity & have an extremely bad temper. Call a hippo a fat fuck & see what happens