I hate you all
  1. Drunk drivers: it's 2016. If you drink & drive still you are a fuck face. Everyday we wake up & see a death from drinking & driving. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm smart enough to pass out in my backseat.
  2. People who go 5 under in the fast lane: majority of the time that I'm pissed off is because of people like this. How did you get a DL & don't know the rules of the road. People who do this are the same people voting for Jeb Bush
  3. People who don't use their turn signal: there's a reason it's there. It's not a fancy toy there for your amusement. I don't understand people who think they're entitled to merge & not let people know. We're not Eastern Europe. We have traffic laws
  4. ISIS: I hate ISIS so much. Yeah it's already disgusting with what they do. But using children to brainwash them with their propaganda not to mention murdering kids who are "non-believers". Sick pieces of shits. I hope all the bad things in life happen to them & only them
  5. Android users: green messages are incredibly annoying. Mofo I wanna know when you're typing. Not to mention it takes ten fucking years to send a message to them. With IMessage u get that shit faster than the speed of light.
  6. Vegans: I never really understood people's beef with vegans until I met my sisters boyfriend. This dude was low key bitching when we went to Outback Steakhouse. Mother fucker I heard you whispering to her. Grow some nuts and get a prime ribs/ a 32 oz Budweiser.
  7. People who think soccer is better than football: no. Just no. Constant turnovers. Too many people on the field. Sour puss players. That's soccer in a nut shell. You're guaranteed action with a play in football.
  8. Saints fans: oh my god. I'd rather cut my eyeball out than watch a game with saints fans. Who d*t is the most illiterate phrase in the English dictionary, not to mention annoying as fuck.
  9. Xbox: I got banned from Xbox for life because a little shit head glitched on top of a building and couldn't handle big boy insults when he pissed me off. An eight year account gone just like that.
  10. Level 80-90s who raid my village in the middle of the night: this is so troll. I'm in my slumber and wake up to a leveled village. 150 dark elixir from upgrading your barbarian king? Nope go fuck yourself Johnny. I'm also going to take 200,000 gold and elixir from you. Suck my sack.