I'm gonna do something a little different and take you through my fun little weekend.
  1. First stop this weekend: Cool Patch Pumpkins.
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    Cool Patch Pumpkins is home to the world's largest corn maze. We took the "easy" route and finished it in just under an hour.
  2. We took a couple of pumpkins home to decorate them.
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    As you can tell, this year's theme is Ninja Turtles. All credit goes to @laurenfinley for the artwork.
  3. On Sunday we visited San Francisco.
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    First stop, the Ferry Building for a morning snack.
  4. Then we took a ferry over to Alcatraz.
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    The once federal penitentiary is now a national historic landmark.
  5. The cell house was the best part of the island.
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    The audio tour is super enthralling. Great storytelling.
  6. It was worth going just for the views of the city.
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    It was a beautiful day in SF. Karl the Fog took the day off, so we could see the Golden Gate Bridge and surrounding bay without a problem.
  7. As we left the city, the setting sun shot through the skyscrapers.
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    After Alcatraz, we ate some fish and chips and left the city just as the sun was setting. All in all it was a great weekend.