1. Colorado
    Visited the sister and her family for Thanksgiving.
  2. Nevada
    Pit stop in Vegas on a national park road trip.
  3. Utah
    Bryce Canyon and Zion are two of my favorite places.
  4. Arizona
    Last stops on the road trip: Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Phoenix.
  5. Guatemala
    An April trip to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Flores, and Tikal.
  6. Idaho
    Pit stop at Shoshone Falls for national park road trip number 2.
  7. Wyoming
    I saw more species of animals in Yellowstone than anywhere else in my life (other than maybe a zoo).
  8. Montana
    Grinnel Lake has the prettiest water I have ever seen.
  9. Washington
    Though Diablo Lake gives Grinnel Lake a run for its money.
  10. South Carolina
    So many trees in the Carolinas.
  11. North Carolina
    A quick trip to Asheville.