1. Ice Cream Man
    In kindergarten we were given an assignment to chose something or someone we wanted to be when we grew up. Everybody was picking occupations like policemen, firemen, doctors, etc. I got very deep and said "I wanna be the person that makes everybody smile when they see him. I wanna be an ice cream man." My teacher gave me a hug and told me "you just made your first person smile."
  2. First Grader
    This was short lived and let me tell you, it did not live up to the hype.
  3. Famous Painter
    For the longest time I wanted to be a famous artist. I got all the cliché art kits everybody got growing up and took it seriously. I had at least 5 high end sketch pads filled with half drawn dragons (I was obsessed with dragons) that, instead of erasing, I just went to the next clean page to half draw another type of dragon. This dream was until about 5th grade when my brother told me "you know artists only get famous after they die, right?"
  4. No Clue
    This phase was from about 6th grade to about 7th grade. I remember it so well because it was spent mostly hearing my mom say things like "John wants to be a successful artist when he wants to grow up." To which I would respond like an embarrassed child "MOM! NOT ANYMORE!"
  5. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Rockstar/Musician
    I got my first guitar around 2nd grade and I never really played it, but for the longest time when I did, it would be face up on my lap and I'd play it like a piano. After several years of my brother saying "um, that's not right," I finally held the guitar right and CLICK a dream was born. I went through three years of Music Theory in high school and planned on going to college for songwriting and guitar performance. Then I got a wake up call. $60K/year isn't worth it. (THIS IS STILL A DREAM)
  6. Owner & CEO of a Record Label
    I had this elaborate plan of how I'd get back into the music industry. I'd get a management degree, get an A&R job at a label, and work my way up. Then I could record whenever I wanted and release my first album and first number one. I daydream on the daily about this. I'm looking at you Columbia Records! I'm really great with people. Ask my friends.
  7. Work for the Department of the Interior or a National Park (Glacier NP Preferably)
    I love nature. Everything about it I love. I've gone camping every month of my life since I was 11 so nature is a huge part of my life. I also think the northern Rockies (Alberta, CA & Montana, USA) are some of the most beautiful places on earth. Albeit, I've never gone there, I aspire to within the year.
  8. Lawyer
    I put this one here, but it comes up sporadically. Marshal from HIMYM is definitely a cause of this.
  9. National Geographic Photographer
    Nature, as I said before, is amazing. I love sharing it, looking at it, bring in it. So Nat Geo would be insanely awesome. I love the idea of going "on assignment" to take photographs of things and writing columns about them. It's so free and it allows you to live in the moment. The irony of taking pictures of the past and being able to live in the moment. I recently was given a Nikon D5300 as a Christmas present, so this could happen, but isn't likely because I don't have $1K to drop on a lens.
  10. Brewmaster
    This one was thought up today. I love beer. I love the colors, aromas, tastes, the history, how it's made, all of it. I'm not an alcoholic; I can turn down a beer. I just love the idea of being the guy that says "this batch is good," and having it bottled up. I think I was daydreaming about this because I was thinking about Ireland and Guinness and how good a cool pint of Guinness is. Moral of the story is Guinness is good for you.