1. Chocolate is just another snack
  2. Your last name stays put
  3. You can wear a t-shirt to a water park
  4. The garage is all yours
  5. Wedding plans take care of themselves
  6. The world is your urinal
  7. Car mechanics tell you the truth
  8. Wrinkles add character
  9. People never stare at your chest when you speak to them
  10. All phone conversations last no more than 30 seconds
  11. Underwear is £8.99 for a 3 pack
  12. 3 pairs of shoes are more than enough
  13. The same hairstyle lasts for decades
  14. You can 'do' your nails for free with a pocket knife
  15. You don't have to shave below the neck
  16. If your 34 and single, nobody notices
  17. You can open all your own jars
  18. A 5 day holiday is possible with only one suitcase
  19. If you get forgotten about when party invites are sent out, he or she can still be your friend