How I justify being awake at 3 in the morning on (technically) Sunday

  1. I needed to do my laundry
    and the best time to do it is at midnight when no one is washing like eight damn loads and taking up all the dryers
  2. I forgot to put a face mask on
    it's only 15 minutes...
  3. I need to check my email
    ...I also might as well check to see if my online purchases have shipped already
  4. My room is so messy
    maybe I'll tidy up a little bit...
  5. Shit, I forgot to pay my bills and they're due Monday
    if I don't schedule payments now, I'm going to forget tomorrow
  6. I haven't caught up on all my YouTube subscriptions
    what are Buzzfeed's "Ladylike" girls trying today? has frmheadtotoe posted a new makeup tutorial yettttt? I also completely missed Colbert, Conan, Kimmel and Fallon this week.
  7. Working an eight-hour job five days a week leaves me with no time to myself
    is it bad that I kind of miss college? at least then I got to stay up late
  8. Good night.