Gone are the days when all of us had one social network or one blog where we wrote all the time. Today, we share content using multiple platforms based on factors such as length, seriousness, intended audience and the time on hand. Here's a list of my preferences:
  1. Twitter
    This is usually my go-to option if it is a single link, thought or even a small set of connected thoughts which can be converted into a tweetstorm. The advantage of Twitter lies in the fact that's there's almost always instant feedback and that anything posted there results in some form of a conversation.
  2. Medium
    Medium has become synonymous with blogging for most of us not-so-humble folks. Medium has a great reach and helps you tell a story in a beautiful way. I pick Medium over Twitter only when there's an extent of complexity involved or when it is large announcement of some sorts which I won't decide to delete later.
  3. Facebook
    It's surprising how infrequently I use Facebook these days. I'm more of a consumer there. Given the number of friends I unfollow on a daily basis, I wonder when my feed will go empty. However, Facebook is still a great place to pimp one's startup ( www.facebook.com/Eventosaur) and brag about events in one's life one isn't particularly proud of.
  4. Instagram
    Food pictures go here.
  5. Snapchat
    I'm relatively new to the platform and have so far been using it as a personal vlog of sorts for the 40 off friends who are too polite to tell me to give it a rest. I do consume a lot of content there though.
  6. Others
    Quora ( used to use quite often when I had a job that involved getting a paycheck. Now it feels like a waste of time.) YouTube ( I have like 2 videos with close to 250 views on each. However, I'll hopefully start creating more content there.) Company blog ( If there's content relevant to Eventosaur, events or startups in general I write there.) List app ( Can it make it to the main list? It is now on this meta list. Let's see.)