Please reminisce with me if you're in your early 30's, yo. What other snacks did you enjoy?
  1. Jell-o Pudding Pops
    Can someone please bring these back?? Vanilla/chocolate swirl. Jell-o could find a new spokesperson...out with the Cosby in with the new.
  2. Dunkaroos
    With their fun Aussie vibe and tasty frosting dips!
  3. Koala Yummies
    Yummy is in the name people
  4. Gushers
    I believe these are still cool with kids today. But don't have empirical evidence to back this up.
  5. Clearly Canadian
    Clearly ca-yummian. I think these also still exist but for some reason it felt like they were really trending around 1990. I would have them at my friends houses in late elementary school. Was Pepsi clear a copy cat?
  6. Keebler Chachos: Cinnamon Crispaña flavor.
    Holy hell these were so good. They were like churros in chip form. And one of those snacks that I feel like perhaps I hallucinated because most of the time when I ask people to reminisce with me about them they have no clue what I'm talking about. Other flavors were cheesy quesadilla and original flavor. Those little magical Keebler elves really got me good.