As someone who works at a children's hospital
  1. Clearly, that the kids there are sick
    Though in my role at the hospital I actually get to have a lot of fun with the kids and see them as normal kids who just want to play and get on with their regular activities. Which I also get to help them work towards...yay occupational therapy!
  2. Simultaneously, a deep respect and profound mistrust of doctors knowledge and abilities
    They are more educated than the rest of us on the inner workings of the human body but that doesn't make them experts at human interaction. Which is the most crucial part of good overall health in most cases.
  3. Lots of celebs and sports figures come by to see the sick kids...but not to us employees.
    Really bummed about not getting an autographed kardashian headshot.
  4. We don't get bonuses for working extra hard or making kids lives better.
    But I guess we get the "bonus" of self satisfaction. Woot!