Meaning a baby who is a serial killer. Not someone who serially kills babies. That kind of person deserves no lists.
  1. Halle Scary
  2. Scary Maguire
  3. Keira Frightley or Feara Frightley
  4. Jordan and Jonathan Fright and Donnie Maulberg
  5. Terror Reid
  6. Kill Zarin
  7. Spook Perry and Jason Beastly
    90210 represent
  8. Scary Bradshaw
    Fun because it works for the men and the ladies! Carrie or Terry
  9. Mike Meyers
  10. Slay Dunaway
  11. Maul Newman
  12. Fox Murder
  13. Destroy McClure
  14. Stabitha Soren and Hurt Loder
  15. Noose Jenner
    Suggested by @isuredontknow
  16. Tia Scare-erra
  17. Maims Franco
  18. Hurt Reynolds
  19. Ashton Butcher
  20. Slashton Kutcher
    Suggested by @fats