Muffins and Zazzles are famous #2: Cats in Tiny Bathtubs

  1. My daughter: "Mom. I don't want this doll bathtub. I don't really play with my dolls anymore." Me: "I wonder if..." Bingo.
  2. Muffins loves his tub.
  3. So we bought another one. Obvs.
  4. Showing off the tail fluff
  5. Cialis commercial?
  6. Stop taking my picture. Stop.
  7. Bought a planter for an orchid. Muffins thanked me for the fancy new tub, then he tried to fit in it. He was so confused.
  8. Ah, home sweet home.
  9. Derp
  10. Muffins Squared
  11. Muffins just can't even.
  12. Sleepy little Zazzles💜