These seem very far fetched and self fulfilling compared to lists I've read about saving the world or ending hunger or saving animals, but if money wasn't an option these are the jobs I would go after because I am a very passionate person that with a job like these I know I could make a difference
  1. Actress
    I always wanted to be an actress. I was in school plays and supposedly I am dramatic, but I don't believe it. If I could go back and go to school to pursue the arts I would
  2. Celebrity Nanny
    If I wasn't so cheap I would go to LA and apply to be some celebrity's nanny and raise their child. I love kids! I don't have any but babysitting was my first "job" and I was mighty fine at it. So I think this would be gold! If I can't be famous for acting, I can get a glimpse of the life this way. 😂
    I went to school for business and accounting. I work at my local chamber of commerce as the accounting administrator, if you guys are ever hiring... I take this app very seriously now!
  4. Author
    As I've mentioned I love writing. I also love a good book. I was such a bookworm throughout school and I was always inspired to create characters that are relatable to readers in one way or another. I always used reading and tv as outlets with characters and scenarios so that's why I was a dream job for me.
  5. Tv Writer
    After reading @mindy kaling's book Why Not Me I deeply regretted not going to school for writing. I love writing, I love comedy. Hearing her stories about college and before she became a writer for The Office I thought to myself, that's what I should have gone to school for