I'm seriously at point in life where I am young enough to move to a new place or go back to school and start new endeavors in my career/life but I have no clue what to do at this point
  1. I could stay right where I am
    I am the bookkeeper at the Chamber of Commerce in my city. There's really no chance at advancement since I'm already doing all the work of 6 people and we won't hire anymore people.
  2. Go back to school
    I already have student loan debt. I could increase that debt and further my education and get a better paying job in a higher position in the field I'm in
  3. Move to a new state
    I just got back from Santa Fe Springs, CA and I loved it. I cried when I had to come home. It's heavy on my heart to move there. But I'm scared to go alone to start somewhere new.
  4. Move to a new city in my state
    I've been contemplating moving either Seattle or Kennewick. Tons of great jobs that I've seen so far and not too far from home.. But again, unsure.
  5. Start completely over in School
    I went to school for Business Administration and after reading Why Not Me, @mindy Kaling has inspired me to do something I've always wanted to do and that is write. I'm just scared it's too late and I'd be in over my head. Why can't she just hire me to be her admin assistant or something.. That'll be good enough! 😂
  6. Marry a Rich Older Guy
    Yes, this is a life goal. If I could do this I wouldn't worry about any of the above! 👌🏼😏