Heartbreak Playlist

What songs to listen to when you're all about sulking in the feels
  1. Strong Enough- Sheryl Crow
  2. Someone Like You-Adele
  3. Not in That Way-Sam Smith
  4. A Little Bit Stronger- Sarah Evans
  5. Goodbye to You-Michelle Branch
  6. Make You Feel My Love-Adele (cover)
  7. Better in Time-Leona Lewis
  8. Breaking Up - Rilo Kiley
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  9. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
    Or Breathe - TS and Colbie Callait
    Suggested by   @justanavrgguy
  10. Fighter! - Christina Aguilera Need inspiration? That will do it!
    Suggested by   @ShawnnaJo