I Would Be Rich If I Didn't Buy These Things

Looking at my bank statement I could save tons of money if I didn't by these on a regular/weekly/daily basis. Add yours.➕
  1. Food
    I go out to eat A LOT
  2. Anything on iTunes
    I was addicted to The Kim K game and cover fashioned which added up real quickly. Plus I would buy music like crazy before Apple Music came out
  3. Apple Music Subscription
    I could be saving what is it? $10 a month that's $120 a year.. Not too much but still
  4. Makeup
    In one visit to Ulta I spend like $80-$100 on makeup.. And it's not even a lot of items. Maybe 7-10 items at the most. Wtf.
  5. Gas
    I know it's essential to get around and I love driving, but shit.. If only I was down to ride the bus or a bike.
  6. Tacos
    Now I know you're thinking, wait? Isn't this food? Yes, but tacos are like my drug. I am addicted to Jack in the Crack tacos and if I would save the $2-$3 that I spend on these fuckers I'm sure I would be save more money than anything else.
  7. Concert Tickets
    I LOVE concerts! I LOVE music and I LOVE being in the presence of the artist who brought it to life. I can't not spend money on these.
  8. Audiobooks
    I love to read and when I don't have time to actually sit down with the book I plug in my headphones and by the audio version to listen to... Does this make me a nerd? I love listening to audiobooks on long drives but the shitty thing is I usually buy the book (at regular price) then buy the audiobook which costs the same as the book. FML.