List of things I should do/need to do, but probably won't do

I leave for vacation in two weeks and because I am a procrastinator and will NOT do anything after work because "I am seriously mentally tired, I worked all day", I technically have four days (my weekends off) to clean, prep and get ready to be gone from home and work for a week.
  1. Make my bed
    Because it's the start to cleaning my room. My philosophy is: "my beds made! My room is halfway clean!"
  2. Do laundry
    Starting with maybe my bedding so I can make my bed and feel clean about it (love clean sheets!) and so I can start cleaning my room since it is all clothes!
  3. Clean my room
    Since it's all clothes that need to be hung up. Once they come back from the laundry room they stay in a neat pile until I need something to wear.. Which is like an hour later.
  4. Go through the clothes I don't wear
    It doesn't help that I keep ordering new clothes, but hey vacation in two weeks and summer is upon us.. Which reminds me the mailman just dropped off two packages! New pairs of jeans and a swim suit!
  5. Clean off my desk in my room
    My desk in my room is awful! It's full of mail. Both necessary and junk mail along with random shit, which has made its way to the floor under my desk and my little bookshelf next to it.
  6. Dust
    I need to dust the shelf in my closet, my desk (when it's cleared) my shelf, my window pane, my heater vent, my dresser.. Everything
  7. Vacuum
    Because once these clothes are picked up and everything's clean I will see hair balls from when I brush my hair or from hair that gets stuck in the laundry all over the place
  8. My bathroom
    Which is a disaster. That too which is full of clothes, shoes, makeup, hair product, hair tools and other stuff that should be tidied up. The tub could use a good clean and the toilet as well.
  9. My closet
    Is a disaster. I have unpacked boxes from when I moved in FIVE months ago. I need to organize and hang up clothes, shoes, misc stuff and get rid of stuff I won't wear or use.
  10. My car
    It needs to be washed on the outside and cleaned on the inside the trunk is out of control and I hate it
  11. My garage
    So many broken down boxes, a broken chair, our Christmas stuff.. Like why!?
  12. My office/desk at work
    My life is obviously a mess if this made the list
  13. End List
    So as you can see my life is a mess in like all areas. I would show you pictures but I don't need your judgement on top of your judgement because of my list.
  14. I should start and moving to knock this list out!
    But I want to lay in bed or on the couch and watch Netflix
  15. HELP
    Give me some cleaning/organizational suggestions!!! I need help! 😂😭