Amy (my coworker) & I are always hungry. I don't think we ever actually have a real meal, we just put random snacks together and say it's a real meal.
  1. Popcorn & M&Ms
    Or whatever candy we can find. We just had this "lunch" right now
  2. Caramel & Apples
    We have a small Apple fridge in our office from a local business called Apple-a-Day who delivers a months worth of apples in this tiny fridge on the counter. So we always bring caramel for them.. And then usually eat popcorn
  3. French fries and ice cream
    There's a Dairy Queen across from our parking lot and we usually walk to get a sundae and fries to dip them in ice cream.
  4. YoYakima
    It's froyo. We have this theory that it you put a bunch of fruits before you put any sweet chocolate syrup or candies in it—it's a healthy lunch.
  5. Thai
    Yakima Thai cuisine has the best Thai food. We always get spicy fried rice. It's freaking hot! But so good! *this is an actual meal with chicken and veggies
  6. Japanese
    We get New York Teriyaki like once or twice a week. Best Japanese food in Yakima! *this is an actual meal usually with chicken and veggies
  7. Chips & salsa
    We get this often too
  8. Salad
    We usually dread this day.. But as you can see from the above food items we have to have this included in our meal plans.