So I made a huge lists of things I needed to do today, List of things I should do/need to do, but probably won't do and this is a list of what I've done
  1. Made 8 Lists on
    Well this one is now 9
  2. Pizza
    Ate some pizza with my sister
  3. Charged my phone
    I found my charger.. I listed that I was annoyed because I lost it
  4. Reunited with my bestie
    I picked my best friend up so she could "help me clean" we got Burger King and came back to my house
  5. Watched Netflix (as we ate our Burger King)
    The Last Holiday with LL Cool J and Queen Latifah
  6. Started Cleaning
    So far we hung up some clothes and threw away some junk mail
  7. Organized my shoes/closet
    Yay! I made a little dent in cleaning.. Even if it doesn't look like it
  8. Hmmm
    This day didn't go according to my list of things I needed to do, but I did list I probably wouldn't do it 💁🏽