My Fave And Frequently Used Emojis As Gifs

Inspired by @nevangel, half my recent emojis have to do with eating or drinking or make me seem like my emotions are outta wack. I'm a mess guys. lol
  1. 😂
    Out of control, laughing hysterically, can't breathe emoji
  2. 🍷
    Wine is fancy. This dude, evil, but fancy haha!
  3. ❤️
    Pizza is love, pizza is life. Oh wait, this isn't the pizza emoji. I use the heart a lot because I love hard.
  4. 💅🏽
    Justin's reaction is this emoji
  5. 💁🏽
    Again Justin's reaction could be this emoji but I also use it when I flip my hair and know I'm a bad ass* person
  6. 💩
    I use this a lot for random things
  7. 🌮
    Tacos, like pizza, are love & life.
  8. 🙌🏽
    Praise the lort, raise da roof, boop woop hoop yeaaah!
  9. 😭
    Sobbing, crying, possibly dying
  10. 🍕
    Pizza is love, pizza is life. Pizza will never lie to you, betray you, it may burn you, cuz it's so damn hot, but that ain't it's fault.
  11. 😊
    Again, I would use this gif for 💁🏽 as well. But when I use this emoji I mean that too
  12. 😋
    My fatty face emoji.. Again frequently used
  13. 🍟
    Yaaaas, get in my belly French fries
  14. 👊🏼
    I use this emoji because I always want to punch my nieces and nephews because they're so fucking cute, thought this GIF was fitting 😂
  15. 😞
    My disappointed emoji
  16. 🍺
    Cheeeeyahs, bitch