Ugh 😒
  1. My app keeps crashing
    I am in the middle of reading lists and it shuts down and goes to my home screen.. Why?! @bjnovak @LevNovak can someone tell me why!? It's updated to the newest version. 😞
  2. The weather in Yakima, WA
    My new swim suit just came in the mail, the pool opened at my cousins apartments and it's cloudy, cold and windy as shit today. Why!?
  3. Haven't done anything
    You may have seen my list I made of things I need to do today, probably won't do and I have yet to start because I was trying on my new clothes that came in the mail and I am addicted to making lists
  4. My sister is late
    She was supposed to bring me McDonald's breakfast this morning and is still like a half hour away from home. The item I want is NOT an all day breakfast item 😞
  5. Phone charger
    I CANNOT find my iPhone charger anywhere! I never move it, which means it was stolen, the ghost in my house is fucking with me, or I moved it
  6. I am cold
    I mean all my windows are opened and it's windy as shit outside and I am in shorts and a bra because I was trying on clothes, and my fans on.. But I am cold and annoyed about it
  7. I am way behind
    On Bates Motel. I started watching this season on A&E and then I cancelled my cable because I need to save money (priorities: pizza or cable, you should know my answer by now) and Netflix takes forever to put the new season on