Reasons Why I Haven't Made A List For While

Umm it's been forever since I made a list... All because I've been wrapped up in things where I forget about my phone
  1. Work
    Work has been stressful, I haven't spent much time on any social networks
  2. Vacation
    A week away, Pretty much just used snapchat to show what a great time I was having.
  3. Work
    Got back from vacation, first day back, computer gets virus while I'm away.
  4. Work
    Computer is gone for 3 days. Trying to play catch up, with no computer.
  5. Home
    Our AC situation in our house is dumb. It's super hot in my room because it's in the back of the house where the AC doesn't reach. The house is older, so no central air, so I've been in the pool keeping cool.