Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Cake, cake, cake
    Game night with friends, turned into an early birthday party... We got the cupcakes. Didn't get My Little Pony themed anything though 😞
  2. Baby Daddy
    I screenshot a picture of @bjnovak because my friends and I were playing with a "see what your babies will look like" app.. Naturally I wanted BJ to be my baby daddy. Our kid looked cute. 😂
  3. Too Good
    If you thought Rihanna and Drake were good together in Work.. Well listen to this song. I love it.. For real, lyrics are on point if you can relate.
  4. Snap Screenshot
    My niece thinks this doll is her daughter. I thought it was cute
  5. Niall
    I always screenshot Niall Horan's snapchat selfies... He's so handsome