When I see these in real life or on social media, I get weirded out
  1. Couples that look alike
    This really weirds me out! I have had a few friends who've dated people that they actually kind of look alike. When I see the side by side selfies I'm like woah! That's weird you two look like you could be related.
  2. People who aren't as young as they think they are
    When I see people who are like mid late 30s/40s dressing, talking, acting like they are still in their early 20s. I don't know, maybe because it's weird for me to see my mom in her hashtag frenzies and using things like #Goals on a picture of someone's marriage.
  3. Half bun hair
    I'm very conflicted about this hairstyle. Some people can really pull it off and I'm like oh that's cute—on them. I just think it looks like someone started curling their hair or straightening their hair and got too lazy to finish or forgot to finish. Weird.
  4. Cats
    So this may offend people but I can't with cats. Sure your pictures and videos of you crazy cats are hilarious—but it weirds me out how some people obsess over their cats. I'm always included in this group text about funny cat staff but it weirds me out. Like why did my friends include me in this? Because they know I can't with cats.
  5. Pimple popping videos
    Ew. Just don't. I don't want to see an overly enlarged pore ooze bodily fluids. Gag. The fact that people tag me in these, that's weird.
  6. Overly Political/Religious People
    I'm all for being passionate about what you believe and see fit for you and your family. But please don't make me uncomfortable by being that person who overt posts or talks about these things. To each their own, but if you continue to try and shove your beliefs on me—I'll be completely weirded out.