Something I put together in like ten minutes in @Marly's drive way—which I will give you screenshots because I'm too tired to type it all out! Let's just say I was feeling nostalgic!
  1. The All-American Rejects
    List of favorites
  2. Shifting into Avril Lavigne
  3. Avril & Blink 182
    In honor of the Blink 182 concert we are going to
  4. The Killers & P!nk
    I fucking love The Killers and P!nk
  5. P!ATD, My Chemical Romance
    Helena ❤️
  6. Papa Roach
    Playlist ends with Hollywood Whore
  7. Requests
    Remember to get your requests into me before the concert (Sept. 16) so I have ample music to listen to for our 4 hour drive there & the 4 hour drive home.