You know those words that someone says you cover your ears or cringe when you hear it. Or when you're forced to maybe read it out loud and die a little inside... Yeah, those words. Add your words➕
  1. Moist
  2. Corns and Calluses
    Excuse me while I vomit
  3. Secretion
    Just ugh
  4. Loogie
    Can you not?
  5. Squirt
  6. Raunchy
    I feel like this word stinks
  7. Panties
    This word can only be used by certain people in a certain sexy way for it not to be ew. Because I feel like creepos and pedos say the word "panties"
  8. Lobe
    Earlobe.. Guuuhross
  9. Ointment
  10. Conjunctivitis
    I knows it's a medical term but ugh it makes me uncomfortable
  11. Libation
    I can't
  12. I feel like "Supreme Moist" deserves its own bullet point because it's worse than moist alone
    Suggested by @Marly
  13. Pus
    Possibly the worst word
    Suggested by @rachmyay
  14. Frick.
    Suggested by @BeezNeez