Words That Make You Cringe

You know those words that someone says you cover your ears or cringe when you hear it. Or when you're forced to maybe read it out loud and die a little inside... Yeah, those words. Add your words➕
  1. Moist
  2. Corns and Calluses
    Excuse me while I vomit
  3. Secretion
    Just ugh
  4. Loogie
    Can you not?
  5. Squirt
  6. Raunchy
    I feel like this word stinks
  7. Panties
    This word can only be used by certain people in a certain sexy way for it not to be ew. Because I feel like creepos and pedos say the word "panties"
  8. Lobe
    Earlobe.. Guuuhross
  9. Ointment
  10. Conjunctivitis
    I knows it's a medical term but ugh it makes me uncomfortable
  11. Libation
    I can't
  12. I feel like "Supreme Moist" deserves its own bullet point because it's worse than moist alone
    Suggested by   @Marly
  13. Pus
    Possibly the worst word
    Suggested by   @rachmyay
  14. Frick.
    Suggested by   @BeezNeez